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    Zero Emissions, Zero Compromise

    As the world moves into the electric vehicle era with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions, our groundbreaking Aluminum-Air batteries ‘fuel’ the vision for a cleaner future.
    Our solution supports an EV driving range equivalent to that of an internal combustion engine (ICE), ‘refueling’ in 5 minutes, without requiring wide deployment of charging stations.

    Driving on clean aluminum energy

    Reload at existing service station

    5-minute energy reload

    2-3x times EV driving range

    Aluminum is recycled


    Relieving Drivers of EV Range Anxiety

    Zero Emissions

    100% electric vehicle

    Extended Driving Range

    2-3 times EV driving range (equivalent to ICE vehicle)

    Fast Reloading

    Full energy capacity in only minutes, just like a regular car

    Light Infrastructure

    Reloading can take place in existing service networks


    Significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings

    Electric Vehicles, Fueled by Aluminum

    Aluminum’s high energy density, coupled with our technological breakthroughs, have allowed us to turn this rich and abundant energy source into an electric car battery with many game-changing advantages.


    New Categories of EVs


    Without compromising on range and efficiency, commercial vehicles can now become electric, using aluminum as a zero-emission fuel for continuous driving.


    An EV enabler, Aluminum-Air powered buses can run 24/7 with zero emissions, while maintaining the same ‘refueling’ and maintenance routine and without compromising on cabin space.


    Passenger cars can now run with zero emissions for distances that far surpass the EV range, while adhering to their familiar ‘refueling’ behavior and without compromising on convenience.

    Greater driving range, with a 5-minute energy reload

    Our aluminum-air batteries improve on the driving range of electric vehicles and require only a quick ‘reload’ that can take place anywhere (gas stations, warehouses etc.), avoiding expensive electric grid upgrades. These features bring us closer than ever to the deployment of zero-emission vehicles worldwide.