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    Balancing Energy

    As the world moves towards renewable energy, so grows the demand for cost-effective, long-duration storage solutions. Our Zinc-Air technology provides high-capacity, grid-scale energy storage for intermittent renewable sources, including wind and solar energy.


    Long-Duration Energy Storage

    High Capacity at Low Cost

    Storage capacity increased at low marginal costs
    (100% more capacity for 10% marginal cost)

    Flexible Architecture

    Charging unit tailored to energy source, and
    discharging unit sized to meet consumption profile

    Safe & Clean

    A zero-emission solution

    Excess Renewable Energy Storage

    Tens to hundreds of hours of energy storage capacity

    Optimizing Parts for an Optimal Whole

    While conventional batteries perform charging, storage, and discharging in one single unit, with a fixed power-to-capacity ratio, the unique design of our Zinc-Air technology breaks this paradigm.

    By separating the charging, storage, and discharging units, our Zinc-Air solutions can be tailored to the specific inputs, outputs, and storage capacity, providing complete flexibility in adapting the solution to each application-specific requirement.
    Simply put, this means that, while other existing solutions double capacity for double the price, with Phinergy's technology, capacity can be doubled for a low marginal cost.

    Zinc Air System

    Energy to charging unit

    Modular storage unit

    Energy from discharge unit to customer

    Zinc is recycled


    Capturing the Power of Nature

    Renewable Energy Peak Shifting

    Balancing peak energy generation and peak consumption demand

    Day and Night Energy Management

    Providing access to solar power energy during the night

    Curtailment Management

    Storing excess wind energy to avoid curtailment (loss of potential energy)

    Seasonal Energy Storage

    Storing electricity from summer to winter at grid/residential level