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    Energy Backup, as Solid as Metal

    The search for alternative energy sources, coupled with the demand for clean, safe backup solutions that are reliable, robust, and affordable, have inspired us to create the next generation of energy backup solutions for critical sites.


    Reliable, Resilient & Affordable

    Long Duration

    20 to 30 hours of reliable, on-demand energy supply

    100% Clean Energy

    Fully-recyclable energy source, with no polluting emissions


    Significant cost savings compared to existing solutions

    Safe & Quiet

    Systems can be easily deployed in urban areas and indoor facilities

    Extended lifetime

    Resilient system architecture provides over 12 years' product lifetime

    Aluminum-Based Energy Backup

    Leveraging multiple technological breakthroughs, our Aluminum-Air backup systems translate aluminum’s high energy density into dozens of hours of clean backup energy. With its unique system architecture designed to prevent self-discharge during long periods of inactivity, the Aluminum-Air system performance does not degrade over time. Throughout this lifespan, our smart management software monitors and provides visibility of the energy status of the network.

    Uninterrupted, on-demand power supply Seamless system startup during power outages
    Resilience and sustainability Performance is unaffected by wide temperature range, no A/C required
    Easy to maintain Energy reloading in minutes
    Smart remote monitoring and control Compatible with customer equipment, provides continuous energy status
    Modular and flexible Stackable units to meet site power and energy requirements


    Backup at the Cutting Edge

    Many applications require reliable, on-demand backup energy solutions that are affordable, simple to maintain, and long lasting, making Aluminum-Air the optimal choice.


    Ensuring continuity of data and voice flow to telecom operators and tower companies

    Data centers

    Guaranteeing continuity of operation and enhancing redundancy level

    Commercial & industrial

    Avoiding operational disruptions due to power outages

    Hospitals & emergency services

    Ensuring uninterrupted power supply for critical and ongoing hospital operations


    Complementing intermittent renewables with on-demand, clean energy generation