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    Fueling the Future with Metal

    Breaking Through Boundaries

    Many attempts have been made in the past to leverage metal's high energy density to create a new sustainable energy source. Unfortunately, until now, this technology lacked durability and stability.

    Phinergy is a leading pioneer in metal-air technology, turning metals into a new clean energy carrier. This revolutionary technology releases the abundant energy contained in metal, allowing various applications to efficiently leverage its high energy density for storing, transporting, and generating clean and safe energy.

    Leave the Oxygen Tanks Behind, Simply Breathe

    Technically speaking, the basic principle that enables metal-air systems to produce energy is the combination of metal, oxygen, and water, oxygen being a key reactant for releasing energy from metal. While conventional batteries carry oxygen in heavy electrodes, our groundbreaking, patented Air-Electrode, enables our metal-air systems to freely breathe oxygen from the air, making them significantly lighter.


    From Science to System

    Combining science, nanotechnology, algorithms, and more, our multidisciplinary approach allows us to achieve multiple technological breakthroughs in metal-air technology, and create efficient, stable, and durable metal-air systems that overcome the major obstacles of the past.


    More energy per weight


    Non flammable and non explosive


    Zero emission and fully recyclable


    Thousands of operating hours

    Cost Efficient

    No precious or rare materials


    Generating Change

    Making up 8% of the earth's crust, aluminum is the most abundant metal in the world. For more than a century, aluminum has been produced by injecting large amounts of energy into the metal, mainly in remote places where energy is abundant, clean, and cheap.
    Our Aluminum-Air technology releases the energy initially injected into aluminum for a variety of applications, using aluminum as a clean and safe energy carrier. Fully recyclable and reused as an energy carrier with no material loss, aluminum creates a clean and sustainable circular value chain.

    Energy is stored Electricity is injected into alumina in smelters

    Energy is transported Aluminium is transported across the world

    Energy is generated Phinergy’s technology released electricity contained in aluminium

    Energy is recycled Aluminium hydroxide recycled back to alumina

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    Energy Backup

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    Electric Vehicles

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    High Energy Density

    Same as gasoline

    Solid State Energy

    Easy to transport and move energy across the globe

    Circular Economy

    Infinitely recyclable energy carrier

    Widely Available Supply

    Abundant material and wide-spread industry


    The Subtle Balance of Energy

    Leveraging our proprietary Air-Electrode, the Zinc-Air technology enables local energy charging and discharging for intermittent renewable energy sources.
    The Zinc-Air system architecture separates the charging, storage, and discharging units, providing complete flexibility, and easily adapting to application-specific requirements. This flexibility enables the increase of storage capacity at low marginal costs.


    Long Duration

    Tens to hundreds of hours of energy storage

    Scalable and Modular

    Fits each application-specific requirement

    Affordable Materials

    Zinc is abundant and cheap

    Cost Effective

    Storage capacity increased at low marginal costs

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    Energy Storage

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